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Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars, jenna marshall

Each cage has the name of each liar taped to the top of it. Songs of Experience Charles sends Emily a face-chat request. Later, we see that the mask she was working on is tucked into her bed to look like she is sleeping, dating after 30 is but she is not in the room. The girls are unsure as to why they broke up.

What is currently dating her and starts dating jenna connections to do with her former teacher. Pretty Dirty Secrets Ravenswood. The Liars open the trunk of the car and gasp. Toby cavanaugh is the liars is based on the liars. When the Liars shut off the power, Spencer, curious about what A could be hiding, entered his personal vault, and what she found might have just blown this whole A case wide open.

Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

Through access to Driscoll's phone, the girls discover that Sydney had an appointment at the Vogel Vision Institute and eavesdrop on the meeting. Walking over to Mona, they conspire a way to get rid of Alison. Someone hit her on the back of the head and she fell into the lake.

Jenna orders Derringer and her friends to get to class, and Addison tries to make her entourage of friends laugh by waving her hand in front of Marshall's face. Turning back around, Marshall tells Aria that having someone to chat with would help. Aria tells they all feel really terrible about their part in the accident.

Later, Toby comes into her room questioning her as to why Garrett is watching their house. They show up to her office, but she is missing. Jenna was known to be very quiet and has a sweet, kind personality. Emily is resting after having been hospitalized. Mona and Hanna storm up and confront Jenna, skout dating iphone who gleefully divulges it was a gift but refuses to acknowledge the identity of its purchaser.

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Later, Toby comes into her room questioning Marshall as to why Garrett is watching their house. The three girls turn to look as a third car pulls up. At Aria's front door, download subtitle indonesia marriage Jenna demands to know what Aria was doing in her house.

Hanna and Aria follow Jenna to the doctor's office but when she comes out driving by herself so they follow her. After Veronica leaves, Marshall sniffs the air around Alex and questions her on whether she's sporting a new perfume. While they're in her hospital room, Jenna asks if it's true that Hanna pulled her out of the fire.

  1. They ended the relationship when Garrett went to jail.
  2. Just as Alison, herself, comes to the dollhouse, the girls fight back again.
  3. That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.

She lies, playing stupid, and claiming to not know what it is. This person, Big A, had presumably assembled a team of people to threaten The Liars. However, her apology is met with suspicion by all four girls. Caleb asks if they are supposed to tell the whole truth or just the part that they want to remember. Turn of the Shoe The Liars and Mona go to where they left the lair and find it missing.

When he uses Emily's name in conversation, she is taken aback. However, it was incorrect. Aria arrives at karate to pick up Malcolm and finds he has been picked up already, apparently by her, and there is a flyer for a carnival in his cubby.

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Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

UnmAsked Jenna has a mysterious secret meeting with someone at a park, Jenna points out she'd always thought about that moment, and what she would say if she saw this stranger again. Jenna then takes off her mask and reveals to Emily they suspect Alison of being accountable for Mona's murder. Later, Jenna asks Aria to be her accompanist for a musical performance. Spencer dating in the return of jenna. What is dating in the open.

Jenna Marshall

Mona says this upon entering A's secret room, where Spencer found the home videos, but we're not entirely ready to empathize with A just yet. Since Toby isn't taking Jenna's calls and she knows he and Emily are still friends, she asks Emily to tell him that she never meant to hurt him. At the end of the episode, the black hooded figure is seen removing a sound device, which had been planted under the bobble head Freud in Dr. Jarrett is based on their first date. Emily and garrett kiss made our skin crawl.

Toby joined the A-Team to protect Spencer. Walking out of a consulting room, Jenna and Sydney stop when Emily calls out Sydney. Shana asks about her doctor's appointment and Jenna implies she may be losing her sight again, with Shana telling her that even in her darkest days, she'll be there for her.

Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

Veronica asks how Jenna has been mistreated. She later throws a birthday party at the coffee house. They open it and find a small white coffin, and inside is a doll that represents Mona. Marshall asks Hanna if she likes the color believed to be Jungle Red, Alison's favorite. At the end of the episode, a gloved figure is seen shooting at a target, montgomery with Mr.

Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars
Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

Jenna makes references to Aria's romantic relationship with Mr. Shana questions Jenna about her doctor's appointment and Marshall implies she may be losing her sight again, with Shana assuring her that even in her darkest days, she'll be there for her. Kahn recruited Jenna with the assertion that Charlotte left enough money in her will to afford Marshall another eye surgery. Jenna is dressed up as a pirate.

Jenna Marshall

This led to a long-term rivalry between the two. Back at the party, Emily is seen slow-dancing with Ben on the dance floor. As Veronica enters the kitchen, Toby leaves. Alison offers to befriend Jenna, thereby making her popularity in Rosewood a sure thing. She is portrayed by Tammin Sursok.

One evening, Ali convinced the others to support her plan to get revenge on Jenna's stepbrother, Toby Cavanaugh, for spying on them while they were changing. At the end of the episode, Mona is seen wearing a nurse's uniform and going into Radley. It is also revealed that Jenna and Shana take Wilden after Ashley ran him over. CeCe calls Jenna and warns her not to date Nate.

Jenna Marshall

Jarrett is jenna marshall, jenna went to make out in the date. Just as we previously speculated, Mona is alive. Walking over to Mona, Sydney informs her the Liars do not want things to go back to the way they were.

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Who is jenna dating in pretty little liars

The final scene shows a gloved figure rummaging through the wreckage from the fire, and planting a police badge at the scene. Marshall orders the item to send a text, then proceeds to turn around and face where Spencer's standing. The girls see Garrett pull up to Toby and Jenna's House in his car. Jenna divulges to Emily that she and Wilden were friends and that she has a message for Toby in case anything bad happens to her. Mona deduces that maybe they can get rid of Alison.

  • Jenna attempts to flee but Caleb takes a hold of her cane to warn Marshall that the cops were beginning to find inconsistencies in her allegations.
  • When she sits down, they silently get up and leave.
  • Jenna was blind, after the accident.
  • At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure anonymously sends a file to the Rosewood Police Department.
  • Montgomery asks her if she wants to come inside for a cup of tea but all Marshall would like is an answer.

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