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17 celebrity hookup confessions, scandalous celebrity hook-up confessions

17 Crazy Celebrity Groupie Stories Revealed

Took a wager off a friends uncle that I couldn't have him put his massive cock in my mouth. Last summer, we shared her bed, kissed and cuddled every night. Other than some of his friends from the bar, the funeral home was empty. That's no confession, that is a joke.

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It hurt at first, websites yet I was impaled on a forty eight year old's cock and I couldn't have been happier. Let them use you any way they want. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. Wilmer Valderrama is another one of those Hollywood bros who just can't seem to keep his mouth shut about the women he's slept with over the years.

The Best Celebrity Hook Up Stories As Told By Redditors

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We do not collect any other type of personal data. Good morning, afternoon or whatever the time is where you are! It generally took quite a bit of time to warm up.

My mom never found out about Otto. Finally one session he pointed out he thought the deeper issue for me was that I had repressed homosexual longings especially for father figures and fantasized I was in my mother's role as partner. Either way she's still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. It's because of ground gases which are apparently in enough quantity, dangerous. We and some of our business partners for example, advertisers use cookies on our Website.

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Madonna dated Tupac...and felt like a ganster

Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. One may not want to burn the bridge that gave you success. Ooo, you know this is going to be good!

In the time since the festival, I reckon I've sucked him off over twenty times and he's now suggesting I try and allow him to fuck me. It could have gone horribly wrong and I could have gotten myself beaten up. That smile said everything to me, and I knew later when he said his technical engineer would be round more often for checks, that my arsehole would be getting fucked much much more often.

Because Stern is not one to shy away from very private questions, he asked Stiller if removing the prostate affected the actor's ability to perform with this wife, actress Christine Taylor. We can only imagine how much she must be kicking herself knowing that she had him down on one knee and she decided to say no. It became clear that we couldn't afford the payments on our house and it was either lose the house or take in a roomer. We have a feeling we know who this is.

Only time will tell if Gwen will end up his ex-girlfriend. At least they don't kiss and tell. The next morning, he told me since I wanted to be a man I should get fucked like the faggot I am. We do hope that whoever this Whisper confessor is has found some kind of peace if nothing else.

Adult Confessions

Then he unzipped his slacks and took out his penis which was a decent size and had a big knob on it. Private difficulties, not so private now, huh? In the last five months he's taught me a whole new excitement of being fucked, and a whole new appreciation of what older men can do in regards to sex.


  1. After a few minutes, Otto began grunting and rutting like a ram in heat and then shot volley after volley of his thick, creamy musky tasting cum choking me in the process.
  2. After being given a clean bill of health, Stiller's life perspective changed.
  3. When he had finally finished humming, he demanded that i lick it clean and then sent me to bed with the taste of his cum in my mouth.
  4. That explanation caught Stern and co-host Robin Quivers totally off guard.
  5. It was purely a base reaction I knew, yet I thought if you don't ask, you don't get.
  6. He came back two days earlier than planned.
The most outrageous celebrity confessions on Howard Stern

My mother and I went to the funeral. There was a closet and Otto had shirts, pants, sport coats and ties hung up in there, as well as a couple pairs of shoes. And we both knew when I released his dick, uni pub canberra I'd suck it for real if he asked again. But then to feel like the person you are dating is ashamed of you on top of all that?

Scandalous Celebrity Hook-Up Confessions

Like how much would it suck to be dating or in love with a celebrity and not be able to scream it out to the world? Because this has got to be the biggest shade and celebrity smackdown in the history of the Whisper app. Because if this person was a celebrity, wouldn't they know the relationship and family status of said famous person without having to Google it?

  • That's my biggest fan base.
  • Inconstantly inserted things into my ass too.
  • After awhile he shuddered and unloaded his Daddy cum down my throat making me take every drop.
  • The most outrageous celebrity confessions on Howard Stern.

Over the next several months, I became increasingly daring in entering Otto's room and playing with myself looking at his magazines. Tell them up front that you can't say no to anything but they have to keep it quiet. When my grandmother took ill, my mom stayed at the hospital with her. Apparently, her bedroom skills are so good that this confessor feels the need to give her a public shout out and some massive love. He had an odd sense of humor but other than taking his meals with us and sometimes watching television with us, he pretty much kept to himself.

Hopefully, advice this confessor has found a happy place too! Fucking my face for some considerable time. Choose an option below to continue browsing TheThings. He guided me down on my knees and had me worship his tool.

All data collected through our Website is stored on servers located in the United States. He gave me absolutely no quarter in regards to how I felt, and fucked me like it was his last day on earth. It felt vey warm to the touch and I could feel his pulse pounding away n the shaft of his massive cock. We spoke of my travels, they told me about life in Cardiff, both of us spoke about our now mutual friend.

We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties. Not saying anything, I watched him lower his shorts and saw he was already fully erect. As my parents home is the last Furthest down in the cul-de-sac and closest to the proposed leaking, we're the house that is covered most. The festival was last month and since then my friends uncle has been a frequent visitor to my home. Getting myself together, I turned to see him buttoning up his trousers and within less than a minute, he was outside of the patio doors, dating gratis just in time to hear a man shouting his name.

Outrageous celeb confessions on Howard Stern

As he fucked me, he kept on telling me I was his slut from now on and with every sentence he said it, he thrust into me deeper and with more force. Then last year when I had the hormones and haven't had any surgeries yet, I was in my transman glory at my moms house. Twice a week for the last eight months, I've been booking the same motel room and fucking the shit out of Ryan. You can withdraw consent at any time. Jesse James ranks lovers in the bedroom.

He's trying to raise yet another hard on, as he's just told me his ass needs filling to the brim. Cannon added that he wasn't concerned about his wife's skills in the bedroom before marrying her. My friends uncle didn't last too long before he forced his cock half way down my throat and came hard making me swallow his hot cum. Hear us out on this because this was the first and only person who came to our minds when we read this. Stern has perfected the art of making his guests feel relaxed and prompting them to share very personal stories.

In front of his uncle, my friend watched me not only hold his massive cock in my mouth, but as soon as I passed the ten seconds, I began to suck on his dick. The news emerged as Stern was grilling Madonna about her infamous, profanity-laced interview with David Letterman. Have a question about technique or about safe sex?

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